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Barrier-Free Theatre Presents: Happy Endings - A Live Streamed Play

This event will be available via live stream at www.ksu.edu/mtd/theatre on May 1 at 2:30pm. Attendance at the live performance is not permitted. 

Please donate via the Barrier-Free Donation page here: http://ksu.universitytickets.c... 


Seven Dragonballs are stolen from the Dragons at the end of the World. They suspect (wrongly!) the White Queen and kidnap one of her knights. She must send her detectives, headed by Humpty Dumpty, to discover who really stole the dragonballs and return them before the entire land of Happy Endings is burned down!

Dial-In Information

Check out ksu.edu/mtd/theatre for a live stream.

Saturday, May 1 at 2:30pm