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K-State Geology Seminar Series presents Maria Angela Capello: My Beautiful Career in Geosciences

These are good times to be a geoscientist. Never a profession has been more handsome, appealing, or useful, than now, when the environment, the decision-makers, and society need geoscientists, even if they yet do not know it. An avid and curious practitioner will develop an exciting career in geoscience. There is no doubt they will enjoy the journey from the years at the university, discovering in awe the wonders of the geosciences discipline to becoming experts, in any field they choose to pursue. Maria Angela Capello will share her own rich journey in Geoscience, developed in three continents: from supervising seismic crews in the Venezuelan jungle, to test new geo-technologies in North Dakota, to use nano-fossils in sedimentary interpretations, translate geophysical 4D results to reservoir engineers, and lead the creation of a uniform geologic model for a super-giant oil field in Kuwait, to then create an Atlas of Sustainability for all the Geosciences, with positive impact and repercussions in advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, published by the UNESCO, and endorsed globally.  This presentation is material for a filmmaker, not a drama, not a comedy. Perhaps, like every documentary, a little bit of both.

BIO: A renowned leader in the energy sector, Cav. Maria Angela Capello (“MAC”) is a relentless fighter for Sustainability and Equity across the industry. She is Managing Director of Red Tree Consulting. MAC is an active collaborator of the United Nations, and numerous non-profit geo-centric organizations like the SPE, SEG and AAPG.  Her passion lies in promoting the juxtaposition of the geosciences and the future of the energy industry through training, mentoring, corporate resilience, and diversity & inclusion initiatives. Her work has been recognized by the Italian Government through the “Star of Italy” honor (knighthood), and by the UNESCO endorsing her work leading the “Geosciences Sustainable Development Atlas” to advance the Sustainable Development Goals across the geosciences. 




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Meeting ID: 937 3989 5110
Passcode: 786372


Thursday, January 26 at 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Thompson Hall, 213 Thompson Hall ( Map)
1428 Anderson Ave Manhattan KS 66506-3200