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CANCELLED - Kling L. Anderson Lecture: Dr. Wayne Woldt

There is an increasing level of interest in deploying unmanned aircraft for the delivery of crop protection products using active spray technologies.  At the same time, there are an array of challenges that need to be considered in order to realize the full potential of Remotely Piloted Aerial Application Systems (RPAAS).  This presentation will highlight initial research on test protocols to define RPAAS performance, and field testing of this emerging technology for insect control in an agronomic setting. Additional topics will be highlighted that include: future potential of RPAAS, near and long-term research needs, regulatory implications, standards, and safety.  Wayne Woldt is an Extension Specialist at the University of Nebraska, in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering and the School of Natural Resources. He has been at UNL for 29 years, and developed a research and extension program on unmanned aircraft systems with emphasis on agriculture and natural resources. Wayne has been flying unmanned aircraft for the past 8 years, and obtained the first FAA issued Certificate of Authorization to fly unmanned aircraft in Nebraska.  He earned his initial pilot certificate 45 years ago, and now has private pilot, remote pilot, glider pilot, and hot air balloon pilot certificates, with over 900 hours of total flight time. View Leaflet (PDF).

Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at 3:30pm

Throckmorton Plant Sciences Center, 1018 ( Map)
1712 Claflin Rd Manhattan KS 66506-5500