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Movies on the Grass: "Kiss the Ground"

Movies on the Grass is a free event to K-State and the Manhattan community. Movies on the Grass highlights the annual K-State common read and brings light to social justice issues impacting the world today. A different film will be shown each Sunday from September 10th until October 1st. Please bring your own lawn chair or blanket!

*Film starts at 7:30pm, but there will be a speaker at 7:00pm!

On September 24th, come watch Kiss the Ground. "Kiss the Ground is a new documentary that explores the first viable, low-cost way to reverse climate change through soil. When cared for properly, soil (a.k.a. "dirt") has the potential to sequester 100% of the carbon dioxide that humans have emitted into the atmosphere. There's only one catch: our modern, industrialized, monocrop-based agriculture is killing the microbial life in the soil that does the carbon sequestering ("biosequestration"). But there's hope. A disruptive group of scientists, farmers, ranchers, activists, and government types are banding together in a global movement toward a new type of agriculture called "regenerative farming" that increases soil life, stores water and sequesters CO2." 

(Kiss the Ground)

Sunday, September 24 at 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Bosco Plaza