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Seminar: Julie McIntyre

The contemporary generation of wine globalisation began with a boom in the export of (primarily) chardonnay from Australia to Britain in the late 1990s. Yet the history of state-employed scientific interlocutors with industry – conducting researchand transmitting knowledge in collaboration with winegrowers – is an undocumented facet of anational industry that emerged intemperateBritish Australian colonies amidtheir connected settler societiesandeconomieswithin natural environments. This presentation first introduces the inceptionof Australia’s grape-wine-complex along withBritish colonisation in the late 18th century,paying especial attention to the acclimatisation of vines and innovation of winemaking practices. Following on from that, it traces successive viticultural experts, the name originally given to grape and wineextension officers in New South Wales, from the appointment of an Italian, Michel Blunno, in the late 1890sto Anglo-Australian Graham Gregory in the 1970s and ‘80s. Gregory is considered by the New South Wales wine industry to have been integral to itscontribution tothe higher grape yieldsand wine quality achieved by all Australian wine states in the late 20th century. Winegrowing is a “canary in the coal mine” for the impact of climate changeon agriculture. Ahistory of viticultural extension offers not only a view ofspecialist industrialisation, it highlights the long-game of adaptive change resulting from relationshipsbetween thestate, science and industry. View Abstract (PDF).

Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at 9:00am

Leadership Studies Building, Town Hall Room ( Map)
1300 Mid Campus Dr North Manhattan, KS 66506‐6800

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Lecture, Colloquia, Seminar

Plant Pathology, Department of
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