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Shawnee Co Picture Perfect Workshop "Starry Night - Glimpse Beyond the Camera Lens"

This year's workshop offers NEW exciting youth and professionally-led sessions. We kick-off with a keynote photographer, Aurora Dora Redman, who captures the Great Northern Lights, followed by courses that take us into sundown to practice and capture night techniques. Lots of Hands-On Experience. More details located on the next page. Rock Springs Ranch (south of Junction City, KS) April 16th from 3pm - 7:15pm Pizza Party included with Registration @5:45pm, Many thanks for the donation to support our event by a 4-H Foundation Sponsor.

  • $15 for first participating youth or adult
  • $12 for 2nd through 5th participant in your group
  • Register and pay by March 30th
  • Payment in the form of a check or via Venmo must be received within 5 business days of registering to secure your reservation

Workshop Sessions: 

  • Keynote: Aurora Dora Redman shares her techniques to shoot the Alaskan Northern Lights 

Youth-Led Courses:

  • Digital Editing: How-to’s in merging (2) photos into (1) for eye catching effects
  • Water: Create settings to freeze water in time or show movement in water
  • EXIF data: Learn what helpful data is captured by phone/camera on photos
  • Black and White: Tips to capturing photos with all shades of gray
  • Painting with Light: Capture a ghost, create light elements in darkness

Professional Courses:

  • Portraits: Learn positioning, lighting and expression for portraits
  • Camera Settings: How-to’s of camera’s f-stop, aperture, and shutter speed
  • Camera History: From the 1st photo to today…the evolution of picture taking
  • Video Basics: Learn tools and techniques to make your own movies

Evening Courses: (indoor back-up activity will be offered if we have poor weather)

  • Evening Silhouettes: Practice silhouettes on the prairie skyline
  • Sundown & Shooting the Stars: Learn camera setting for evening shots

What to bring: camera, smartphone, batteries, charger, tripod, blanket, reusable drink container, umbrella and notebook for notes.

Photo Contest 

  • From the pictures you take at the event, you can submit (1) 4”x6” for each category.
  • On the back of the picture, include name, phone #, email, category, and technique used to take the picture
  • Categories will be announced at the event
  • Submissions due by May 1st.
  • Mail to: Shawnee County 4-H - Picture Perfect Team 1740 SW Western Ave, Topeka, KS 66604
  • We will award (1) champion in each category by mid-Ma

NOTE: There is a Participation Form (required by Rock Springs Ranch). We will email it to you once we receive your payment. You will hand in your signed form when you register.

We want to thank the partnership of Rock Springs Ranch and the Kansas 4-H Foundation in sharing the goal to create youth experiences and grow young leaders. Learn more about Rock Springs at https://rockspringsranch.org/

Sunday, April 16 at 3:00pm to 7:15pm

Rock Springs 4-H Center ( Map)
1168 Highway K157, Junction City, KS 66441