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The Library and Your Research: Browzine: Your E-journals ... Only Better

The Library and Your Research is a free workshop series co-sponsored by the Graduate Student Council that helps graduate students enhance and professionalize their scholarly pursuits.

This session will only be available online via Zoom

How do you make e-journals better? You make them easier. Browzine is a virtual bookshelf that simplifies the process of finding and reading articles from e-journals. Tables of Contents and PDFs are available for thousands of journals and can be accessed at the speed of a click. The platform also has tools for helping you keep track of which issues you have or have not yet read and for discovering journals to which K-State Libraries subscribes. Come to this session for a hands-on introduction to this new addition to K-State Libraries' array of productivity and discovery applications. Your e-journal reading will be forever changed.

Questions? Contact Adriana Gonzalez, head of academic services, at ajgonzalez@k-state.edu

Monday, March 23, 2020 at 12:30pm to 1:20pm