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IX - Reading Performance

After her friend Monica reports the incident to the university, Claire, the complainant, visits the Title IX office to recount a night that she barely remembers. She files a complaint claiming that her peer, Tripp, took advantage of her at a party. Tripp, the respondent, reluctantly pleads claiming, "She asked for it." Tripp and Claire give their statements to the Title IX Coordinator, Mr. Williams. Their stories are told in flashback as the characters recount the evening with their friends and witness Monica, Sydney, Carter, and Jake while Mr. Williams searches for the facts in their inebriated memories. 

Content Advisory: descriptions and staging of consensual and non-consensual sex, alcohol abuse, female objectification, coarse and homophobic language, infidelity. 

Saturday, October 15, 2022 at 7:30pm

Purple Masque Theatre, West Stadium ( Map)