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Two Original One Acts: Illusions of Hope and Despair By Jared Adams The Ups & Downs of Tom By Conrad Schmechel

Both pieces were written by KSU graduate students in the Drama Therapy Program.

Illusions of Hope and Despair is an autobiographical ethnodrama based on interviews the playwright, Jared Adams, held with his family. This play attempts to capture the complexity and complications of a family trying their best to support a member with acute Schizophrenia and aims to be a psychoeducational art piece showing the humanity in a disease that is so often seen one dimensionally.

The Ups and Downs of Tom is the story of an individual’s experiences living with bipolar disorder, based on interviews with real people with bipolar disorder and their significant others/close confidants. This disorder is often stigmatized and tied to misinformation, stoking fear of those living with it. This play strives to shine a light on bipolar disorder while also giving a voice to those living with and those who know someone with bipolar disorder.

Sunday, November 14, 2021 at 2:30pm

Purple Masque Theatre, West Stadium ( Map)