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Voter Turnout in the 2020 Elections

Most races have been called but the vote tally keeps going up! Over 158 million Americans showed up to polls or used a mail ballot to cast their votes in the general election - that's over 20 million more voters than 2016. In this webinar we seek to address who are these voters and how did they vote?
Michael McDonald, Associate Professor of Political Science at University of Florida and driving force behind the US Elections Project, will break down the huge numbers we saw through early voting and through Election Day. The elections this year saw unprecedented growth in the use of mail ballots and early voting periods, two trends that are unlikely to return to pre-pandemic levels. Dr. McDonald will explain the impact these voting methods had on the election and share insight as to how we can potentially grow voter participation in coming cycles. (Sponsored by NonprofitVOTE.org)

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Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 1:00pm