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Graduate Student Council

Graduate Student Council

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Upcoming Events

Graduate Student Leadership Workshop Series - Developing Adaptive Leadership

In our work and lives, we face many conflicts, challenges, and opportunities. To make progress requires us to think and act differently. In this session,...

3/11 6pm
GSC Professional Development Seminar - Creating a Research Poster

Graduate students and post-docs preparing for a research poster presentation are encouraged to attend this session. Participants will: 1. Learn how to...

3/17 2:30pm
Graduate Student Leadership Workshop - Intercultural Leadership

Leading across cultures requires us to intentionally recognize and address inequity in order to build a more socially just world. In this session, we will...

3/25 11am
Graduate Student Virtual Coffee Chat with the Dean

K-State graduate students are invited to monthly Coffee Chat sessions with the Graduate School Dean, Dr. Petrescu. These informal sessions are a great...

3/25 12pm
K-State Graduate Research, Arts, and Discovery Forum Oral Presentations

The K-State GRAD Forum is an annual showcase of K-State graduate student research, scholarly work, and discovery. This event provides graduate students from...

3/31 8am

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