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Jardine Apartments

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Apartment Selection for Off-Campus Residents Begins

Off-Campus residents are able to begin selecting their apartments starting at this time. Log in to the Resident Portal for more information and to make a...

3/1/2021 9am
End of Jardine Hybrid Apartment Agreements

Jardine Hybrid Apartment agreements end today and residents are required to finish moving and complete the check-out process before 3 p.m.

5/31/2021 3pm
Jardine Apartments Agreements End

Jardine Apartment residents agreements that are not the Hybrid option come to an end.

New Jardine Apartments Resident Move-In Begins

Today is the first day that new Jardine Apartments residents are able to move into their unit. Residents are able to move in anytime after this date.

8/1/2021 9am

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