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K-State Student Union

918 N 17th St Manhattan KS 66506‐2800

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Spring Activities Carnival

Explore hundreds of student organizations and grab some free carnival food!

1/23 6pm
Intro Meeting: KAWSE Research and Writing Accountability Group

For many reasons, faculty who are members of historically underrepresented groups find it challenging to make time for their own research/writing. KAWSE has...

1/24 2:30pm
UPC All Meeting

Help us make life eventful! Plan events, eat free food, gain leadership skills, and meet new people! The meetings will be in the Union's Bluemont Room...

1/28 5:30pm
Gilman Scholarship Infosession and Alumni Panel

Pell Grant eligible students are invited to attend our Gilman Information Session and Alumni Panel on Thursday, January 30th in Union 207 at 4pm. At this...

1/30 4pm
UPC logo

Check out these free escape rooms! Choose between 2 rooms (“Rocket Back to Earth” & “Escape from the 80’s!” 25 minute time slots run from 4:30 - 11 pm, but...

1/31 4:30pm

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Hot Cocoa & Donuts