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Kirmser Hall, McCain Auditorium

1501 Goldstein Circle Manhattan, KS 66506-2111

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Upcoming Events

Christopher Hovis - Bass Trombone Recital

Christopher Hovis will complete an undergraduate non-degree recital on bass trombone. Works to be performed: Christopher Brubeck's Concerto, Steven Frank's...

4/2 1:30pm
Sticks and Strings

Join us for an evening of sticks and strings!

Niko's Senior Recital

Please, enjoy this hand-picked collection of dreamy works by some of my favorite composers. My recital will showcase all of my hard work in the studio as...

4/21 7pm
Flukes Fantastic Recital

This is a regular junior recital. Filled with original compositions, pieces from Blake Tyson, Russell Wharton and Anthony Di Bartolo

4/30 12pm
Christopher Hovis Senior Recital

Come see some terrific live music at Christopher Hovis’s senior recital! Hovis will be playing tuba accompanied with piano by Amanda Arrington starting at...

4/30 1:30pm

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