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Kirmser Hall, McCain Auditorium

1501 Goldstein Circle Manhattan, KS 66506-2111

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Upcoming Events

Nathan Smith, Student Recital  - Percussion

Student Recital

9/18 1:30pm
 Ethan Jeffries' Senior Percussion Recital

Percussion Recital, featuring Marimba, World Percussion, Timpani, etc.

9/25 1:30pm
 Øystein  Baadsvik, International Tuba Soloist

Øystein Baadsvik is voted one of the top ten brass players in history by the listeners on Classic FM. He did the first TED talk on the topic tuba and is one...

10/22 7:30pm
Trenton Lowry, Sr Recital – Percussion

Student Recital

12/11 3pm
 K-State Clarinet Day

K-State Clarinet Day is an annual event open to clarinetists of all ages and abilities.

1/28/2023 9am

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