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Upcoming Events

Pollinator garden

Learn how to use perennials, ornamental grasses, roses, and more to create year-round habitat for pollinators around your home. Join Extension Master...

8/4 6pm
Virtual Event
Bird in garden

Learn how to enhance your garden with cheerful colors and songs of birds! Join Extension Master Gardener Karen Sanders-West as she provides tips on the...

8/11 6pm
Virtual Event
woman relaxing in garden

Are you tired of maintaining the landscape you think you "should" have? Join Extension Master Gardener Debra Harries as she shares tips, tricks, and hacks...

8/18 6pm
Virtual Event
Tall fescue lawn

Fall is the most important time of year to care for a Tall Fescue lawn. What should you be doing to your lawn to help ensure a healthy, greener lawn next...

8/25 6pm
Virtual Event

When growing anything, from grass to trees, healthy soil is a key component to your success. In order to grow healthy plants, the first step is...

9/1 6pm
Virtual Event