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Upcoming Events

MANRRS Corporate Showcase

This event provides an opportunity for members of the MANRRS Society to get together with corporate partners to network and learn about all of the...

1/29 6pm
Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Juhee Lee

Essays on the economics of salinity in irrigated agriculture // Major Professor: Dr. Nathan Hendricks, Agricultural Economics

1/31 10am
Agricultural Economics Doctoral Dissertation Proposal - Francis Tsiboe

Francis Tsiboe will be presenting his Ph.D. Proposal entitled, "Utilizing Geo-referenced and 'Big-Ag' Data to Improve U.S. Agricultural Policy."

2/4 3pm
Transforming Views

This is a general body meeting of the MANRRS (Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences) society, where members of the society come...

2/5 6pm
Eric Edwards

Dr. Eric Edwards (North Carolina State University), will present “Historical Evidence of Increased Climatic Resiliency due to Irrigation in the United...

2/6 11am

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